The Guild. It’s Mission and the Growler Bill. Our Supporters.

22 Jul The Guild. It’s Mission and the Growler Bill. Our Supporters.

The mission of the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild is to advance the understanding and appreciation of the Arizona craft brewing industry, and maintain the quality and image of beer produced in the state through the education of consumers, retailers, distributors and brewers.

Among our many objectives is to ensure that our breweries and distributors are able to maximize production and profits without compromising the quality of their craft products – something that can only be done through the adoption of new legislation at the state level. Our most recent legislative success involved the passage of SB 1397, also known as the “Liquor Omnibus Bill,” which lifted a mandate that stated that beer growlers must be made exclusively of glass.

While the passage of SB 1397 was a win for the Guild, we still have a long way to go, and it starts with the next legislative session. The Guild looks to change production limits currently placed on beer producers in an effort to help them compete on a regional and national level – without upsetting the current regulatory scheme of producer, wholesaler and retailer.

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